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Note: Projects submitted after January 1, 2017 must comply with the 2017 LA City Codes. See all updated documents on the 2017 Code Documents page.

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ID   Title  
PC/STR/Req.Mod.037A-2014 Building Separation A View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.037B-2014 Building Separation B View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.038-2014 Commercial Coaches View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.039-2014 Epoxy Injection of Cracks View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.040-2014 Expiration of Building Permit View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.041-2014 Extension of Time for Plan Check View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.041A-2014 Extension of Time for Plan Check - Current Code View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.042-2014 Extension of Time to Start Construction View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.043-2014 Exterior Wall Protection at Openings View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.044-2014 Fill Existing Pool in Lieu of Removing Pool Shell View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.045-2014 Mortars for Patching View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.047-2014 Reduced Yard at Addition View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.049-2014 Sprinklers at Exit Court View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.052-2014 Early Start Permit (Foundation Only) View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.053-2014 Early Start Permit (Interior Demolition Without Triggering Disabled Access Upgrade) View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.056-2014 Natural Ventilation In Lieu of Chapter 71 Requirements for Garage or Storage on Grade View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.057A-2014 Methane Hazard Mitigation Buffer View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.057B-2014 Methane Hazard Mitigation Zone View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.058-2014 Special Egress Control Device View
PC/STR/Req.Mod.104-2014 Alternative Construction Materials View

Disabled Access

ID   Title  
PC/DAD/Req.Mod.002-2014 General Request for Modification Form regarding Disabled Access View
PC/DAD/Req.Mod.004-2014 Reduced Strike Pull Side Distance View
PC/DAD/ReqMod.006-2014 Unreasonable Hardship Determination View


ID   Title  
PC/ALL/Req.Mod.00 Request for Modification of Building Ordinances (Blank) View
PC/ELEC/Req.Mod.007 Add Loads to an Existing Installation View
PC/ELEC/Req.Mod.008-2014 Demand Factor of 0.65 to a Group of Reefer Receptacles View
PC/ELEC/Req.Mod.010-2014 Extend Plan Check Time View
PC/ELEC/Req.Mod.010a-2008 Extend Plan Check Time (for 2008 Codes) View
PC/ELEC/Req.Mod.010A-2011 Extend Plan Check Time (for 2011 Codes) View
PC/ELEC/Req.Mod.013-2014 Installation of Equipment Prior to Test Lab Approval View
PC/ELEC/Req.Mod.014-2014 Separate Approval for Fire Life Safety Plans View
PC/ELEC/Req.Mod.015-2014 Separate Fire Alarm Plans View
PC/ELEC/Req.Mod.016-2014 Use a Scale per Foot Smaller than 0.125 Inch for Site Utility Drawing View
PC/ELEC/Req.Mod.054-2014 Conduit Only Permit (Early Start Permit) View
PC/ELEC/Req.Mod.059-2011 MC Cable Only Permit (for 2011 Codes) View
PC/ELEC/Req.Mod.059-2014 MC Cable Only Permit View


ID   Title  
GGI-20-2014 Sump Pump Instructions - New ADA View
PC/ALL/Req.Mod.00 Request for Modification of Building Ordinances (Blank) View
PC/GRAD/Req.Mod.019-2014 Stockpiling of Dirt View
PC/GRAD/Req.Mod.020-2014 Sump Pump for Site Drainage View


ID   Title  
IN/Mod.001 Dryer Moisture Duct View
IN/Mod.003 Tankless Water Heater View
IN/Mod.008 Pressure Relief Valve Termination View
IN/Mod.009 Water Heater Temperature Relief Valve View
IN/Mod.010 Early Release of Electrical Power and Gas Supply System View
PC/ALL/Req.Mod.00 Request for Modification of Building Ordinances (Blank) View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.024-2014 Drawing Scale View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.025-2014 Dryer Vent View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.027-2014 Inspection Prior to Plan Check View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.029-2014 Plan Check Extension View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.029A-2014 Plan Check Extension (Version A) View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.029B-2014 Plan Check Extension (Version B) View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.031-2014 Building Sewer to Cross Lot Lines View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.033-2014 High Pressure Gas View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.035-2014 Tough Drain View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.101-2014 Plastic Underground Piping Variance View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.103-2014 Ventless Dryer Variance View


ID   Title  
IB/P/ZC 2002-005 Guidelines for Consideration of Yard Reduction Requests View