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Note: Projects submitted after January 1, 2017 must comply with the 2017 LA City Codes. See all updated documents on the 2017 Code Documents page.


Standards Plans are a time saving tool that is advantageous for structures that are built repeatedly, where the design and construction are not expected to vary greatly from site to site. The use of a Standard Plan greatly reduces the time required for plan check. Permits can therefore be issued much faster for structures such as swimming pools, metal patio covers, stairways, signs, etc.

Standard Plans are not approved until LADBS has verified compliance with the Building Code.

Standard Plans are designed by private engineers to accommodate various site conditions and they are reviewed and approved by the Department of Building and Safety. As these plans are privately owned, property owners interested in building a structure with a Standard Plan must contact the owner of the plan to purchase a copy.

Possession of a Standard Plan, however, does not waive the necessity for a building permit. To obtain a building permit, in addition to a wet-stamped and signed copy of a Standard Plan, plans indicating how the Standard Plan will be adapted to a specific site must then be brought to one of our offices along with the necessary details indicating how and where the structure will be built in a specific location. The Department will review all of the plans and issue a building permit once it is verified that the construction complies with all applicable portions of the Building code and Zoning code.

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