Materials Control

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When work is done at a location which, if performed on a construction site, would be subject to certain inspection requirements of the Los Angeles Municipal Code, a fabricator's approval is required. 

When an approval has been granted to a fabricator, the facilities and quality assurance program of that fabricator are authorized to perform work and be exempt from specific inspections. Rules and regulations established by the Superintendent of Building for a fabricator approval accompany the Application for Approval as Fabricator.

These rules and regulations are established in accordance with Section 96.204 (g) of the Los Angeles Municipal Code (Fabricator Approvals) relative to procedures for approval, regulation, inspection and investigation of Type I Fabricators.  A fabricator’s facility in the Los Angeles city limits shall be in a zone permitting fabrication.

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Testing Agency

Testing agencies conduct tests and certifications of material and fabricated assembly that has not been previously approved by LADBS. Testing agencies themselves must be approved by the Superintendent to conduct such tests or provide such certifications.

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