About the Construction Process

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The Construction Process

The full "Homeowner's Guide to Permits & Inspections" can be downloaded as a PDF here.

  1. Get zoning and property information from ZIMAS, an online research tool from the City Planning department.
    • If your property doesn't appear in ZIMAS, you may not be within the City of Los Angeles, and will require service from another County department. Use the Online Service Locator from the LA County Dept of Public Works to find out who services your area.
  2. Design your project and draw plans
  3. Submit plans and complete a permit application at an LADBS office
  4. Plans are approved by LADBS and a permit is issued, which may be picked up at an LADBS office.
  5. Construction begins, and inspections are requested while construction is occurring.
    • There are many different inspection types, and inspection requirements depending on the project. You must have an inspection done on relevant construction before any work is covered or concealed.
    • All inspections will be recorded on the Building Card (B-8), and plans must be present for each inspection.
  6. Final inspection is performed and a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.
    • Retain the Certificate of Occupancy and Building Card (B8) for your records
Flowchart of LADBS Permit Process, leading from plan check, through permit and inspections