Haul Route Monitoring Program

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For questions regarding haul routes, please contact the following:

 Staff MemberCouncil District Phone Email
Grant Woods, Haul Route Monitoring Inspector (LADBS)4310-914-3899grant.woods@lacity.org
Senior Grading Inspector Sergio Valanzuela (LADBS)4,5310-914-3934sergio.valanzuela@lacity.org
Cora Johnson, Board Secretary (Board of Building and Safety Commissioner's Office)4,5213-482-0472cora.johnson@lacity.org
Jason Healey, Board of Building and Safety Commissioner's Office (LADBS)4,5213-482-6735jason.healey@lacity.org
Mo Blorfroshan, Senior Transportation Engineer (LADOT)5310-575-8138mo.blorfroshan@lacity.org
Tim Walls, Senior Investigator (BOSS)5        213-847-6000timothy.walls@lacity.org