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Project Types

Residential Projects:

  • One-story addition to a single family dwelling or duplex
  • Alteration to a single family dwelling or duplex
  • One-story accessory building constructed in accordance with the Type V sheet requirements
  • Relocation of a single family dwelling
  • Demolition of residence or accessory building
  • Low retaining wall without soil report
  • Deck
  • Use of land


  • Temporary tent or structure and temporary events
  • Sign without required structural calculations

Commercial Projects:

  • Tenant improvement with no change in use
  • Tenant improvement with change in use but with no change in parking
  • Storefront alteration
  • New door or window opening
  • Non-bearing partitions
  • Suspended ceiling
  • Disabled access improvement
  • Damage repair less than 10% of the replacement cost of the structure
  • One-story commercial demolition
  • Parapet addition or alteration
  • Awning
  • Air conditioning platform on a roof
  • Use of land for auto sales, Christmas tree sales, pumpkin sales, wrecking yards, and recycling centers 

Information Bulletins

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