Affordable Housing Section

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  • Plancheck review to verify compliance with city codes, policies and ordinances

  • Completion of Section III of the Preliminary Zoning Assessment Form

  • Review and approval of Affordable Housing Funding Forms for ministerial (by-right) projects

Affordable Housing Projects

The following types of projects are processed and reviewed by the Affordable Housing Section


  • 100% Affordable Housing Projects and Homeless Shelters under Mayor Bass's ED 1

- ED 1 Implementation Guidelines

  • Affordable Housing Development projects under ED 13:

- At least 20% of on-site rental units that have rents restricted to be affordable and occupied by low-income households. 

- At least 30% of on-site for-sale units that have sales prices restricted to be affordable to and occupied by low- or moderate-income households. 

  • Housing development projects covered by SB 330

  • Emergency Homeless Shelters under ED 24

  • Multi-family projects covered by SB 35 (Affordable Housing Streamlined Approval)

  • Supportive housing projects covered by  AB 2162 (Supportive Housing Streamlined Approval)

Submittal Options

The submittal options for housing development projects are described below. If you have any questions or are ready to proceed with your housing development and begin the permitting process, please contact the LADBS Affordable Housing Section. 

Option 1: Housing Streamlined Approval Process (HSAP)

This streamlined process allows applicants to submit the "Zoning Only" portion prior to the other requirements (i.e., fire-life safety and structural plans). Please contact or submit your plans online at ePLanLA.

1. Based on the type of housing program, the applicable City Planning Referral Form must be completed by the Department of City Planning (DCP) Housing Services Unit and included with the submittal.

  • SB 330 Preliminary Zoning Assessment (PZA) referral form
  • TOC referral form or Tier Verification form 

2. The plans shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Site Plan 
  • Elevations 
  • Building height (feet) 
  • Number of stories 
  • Number of basement levels
  • Floor plans, including basement(s), if any
  • Unit layout
  • Density analysis
  • Number of affordable units
  • Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
  • Parking Design (automobile and bicycle parking) 
  • Open Space analysis

3. Information for specific types of projects

(a) ED 13 Projects:

- The submittal fee will be based on 30% of the project valuation.

- These projects will receive a 25% reduction in assignment time.

(b) SB 330, SB 35, AB 2162 and other housing development projects or Affordable Housing Funding Forms completion:

- Submit funding forms and/or loan documents, if any.

- The submittal fee will either be based on the lesser of 10% of the project valuation or $2 million.

4. Final Submittals

  • Submit Architectural (fire-life safety), Green, Disabled Access, civil and structural plans and calculations for review.

Option 2: Complete Submittal


LADBS Affordable Housing Section

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